Endless Slat Conveyor

एंडलेस स्लेट कन्वेयर

उत्पाद विवरण:

  • साइज अलग -अलग उपलब्ध है
  • रंग चाँदी
  • उपयोग औद्योगिक
  • टाइप करें रोलर कन्वेयर
  • स्ट्रक्चर बेल्ट
  • बेल्ट कन्वेयर अन्य
  • रोलर कन्वेयर लाइव पावर्ड
  • अधिक देखने के लिए क्लिक करें

एंडलेस स्लेट कन्वेयर मूल्य और मात्रा

  • यूनिट/यूनिट
  • 200

एंडलेस स्लेट कन्वेयर उत्पाद की विशेषताएं

  • हाँ
  • ऊष्मा प्रतिरोधी
  • रोलर कन्वेयर
  • बेल्ट
  • औद्योगिक
  • 220-240 वोल्ट (v)
  • चाँदी
  • अन्य
  • 100 किलोग्राम (kg)
  • लाइव पावर्ड
  • अलग -अलग उपलब्ध है

एंडलेस स्लेट कन्वेयर व्यापार सूचना

  • 1 प्रति दिन
  • 4 हफ़्ता

उत्पाद वर्णन

Aiming to satisfy needs of the clients, we are engrossed in manufacturing, exporting and supplying an advanced array of Endless Slat Conveyor. In accordance with set industry norms, this conveyor is manufactured with high precision using best quality components with the aid of latest technology under the guidance of our dedicated team of experts. Offered conveyor is extensively used for conveying bags, bottles, etc., in a re-circulating way. This Endless Slat Conveyor can also be used independently or in conjunction with Belt Conveyors or X-ray machines both for Arrival Systems (Baggage Claim Conveyors) or Departure Systems (Make up Loop Conveyor).

The advantages of systems compared to other similar conveyors are:

  • Conveyor is very price competitive.

  • Usage of High Quality Superior Products and technology to manufacture the conveyor system.

  • Low noise and vibration due to superior Computer Aided Design.

  • Soft Starter / Variable Frequency Drive is used for smooth Start and Stop Operations of the system and good torque characteristics of the System.

  • Caterpillar Drive ensures Positive engagement.

  • Precision Sealed for Life Bearings are used. Drive and Load Bearings are 55mm dia.

  • Least number of parts and quickly installed.

  • Height can be easily adjusted. Minor Variations in floor level can be accommodated.

  • Modular Design and hence can be relocated extended etc. with least downtime.

  • Low number of moving parts hence less wear and tear hence less maintenance.

  • High Efficiency Systems hence Low Running Cost and less maintenance.

  • Lower Motors Capacities to run the system which translates into energy savings and almost maintenance free operations.

  • All MS parts are either Galvanised of Painted to prevent formation of Rust and giving good Aesthetics to the System.

  • Hour Run meter measures accurate Running time of the System.


Some General technical Specifications are listed below. These can be changed as per specific requirement of the client.


Manufacturer / type / model no.


DELITE / Slat Conveyor / SLAT100-2006

Frame size


1000 mm Frame dimensions min

Slat width (mm)


950 mm

Pitch of slat


min 304.8 mm

Slat material / Size


Rubber 950x450x 6mm thick

Slat top finish & colour


Smooth Black Colour

Conveyor width (mm)


approx. 1000 mm

Load capacity Kg / Linear meter


100 Kgs / Metre

Speed (meters/min)


approx. 25  1 meters/min

Baggage capacity (no. of


baggage per hours)


approx 950 Bags per hour

Chain, track, frame

Radius of chain


approx 1500 mm.



approx. 25  1 meters/min

Slat support material & thickness (mm)


MS slat Carrier min thick 5.0 m

Chain track - details like material,

thickness (mm) etc.

a) Straight section


min MS 4.0mm

b) Curved section


min MS 5.0 mm

Process of filling the gaps of


butt joint and tack welding

tracks sections

Frame channel - details of various

components & its covering material


min 5.0mm thick

b> Pitch for Slat


: 305mm

Details of support legs


: MS Screw type

Details of toe kick plate


: MS 2.0mm Black in Colour

Details of take up


: Screw type

Details of trim & facia


: Formed Steel SS (16SWG) in Passenger Side


MS (14 SWG) in Non Pass Side

Details of outer cover


: Formed Steel SS (16 SWG) Passenger Side

MS (14 SWG) in Non Pass Side

Dia of Tyred wheel & type of bearing


: 55mm dia / Precision type

Make of bearing



Minimum guaranteed


: 30,000hours

life of bearing (hours of operation)

Materials of tyre on the bearings


: Nylon / 15,000 hours

and the life of the Tyres


  • ALL Bearings including Load, Guide and in Drive Unit (if any) would be 55.0mm minimum

  • Minimum 8 Dog Drive Unit is used for Smooth and Efficient Transmission.

  • Special arrangement of brackets for fixing INFILL TRIM (by others) can be made available as an Option.

Electric Motor



Crompton / BB / ABB / SEW / Bonfigliolli / GE / Kirloskar / IC Bauer / NORD / Siemens

Rated out put (HP)


Suitable for the length of the Conveyor.

Range of working voltage


415 10 Volts as per manufacturers catalogue

No. of phases


3 f

Frequency (Hz)



Rated speed (RPM)


1400 rpm

Rated current (AMP)

depending on Motor capacity

Motor Starter

Whether arrangement of Soft Starter / Variable Frequency Drive for smooth
Start-stop provided



Make of VFD/Soft Starter


Siemens / Crompton / LG / Telemechanique / Fuji / Yasakawa / L&T / Schneider

Type of overload protection.


Bimetallic Over load Relay / VFD

Type of under voltage protection.


Voltage Sensing

Type of single phasing prevention


Voltage Sensing


Make of reduction Gear


PBEGL / SEW / Bonfigliolli / Kirloskar / GE / ICBauer / Nord

Reduction ratio


Suitable for the above speed of conveyor

Type of Drive Unit


Caterpillar Type Mechanism





Size ( H x L & W) in mm.


min 800 mm x 800mm x 300mm

MS sheet thickness (mm)


2.0 mm

Bus bar material and amperage


Copper Bus bar of suitable size capacity

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डेलाइट सिस्टम्स इंजीनियरिंग (इंडिया) प्राइवेट लिमिटेड,
नंबर 34, गुरु गोबिंद सिंह औद्योगिक परिसर,
गोरेगांव (पूर्व),
मुंबई 400 063,
दूरभाष: +91- 22 - 2685 6404/26856778
फैक्स: +91- 22- 2686 6000

शाखा कार्यालय:
डेलाइट सिस्टम्स इंजीनियरिंग (इंडिया) प्राइवेट लिमिटेड, नई दिल्ली डेलाइट सिस्टम्स इंजीनियरिंग (इंडिया) प्राइवेट लिमिटेड, चेन्नई

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